Annapolis Homeowners as ‘Clean Tech’ Comes Online


They’re yet to become a major presence in the mainstream of housing technology, but that could be in for a change. Increasingly, advances in “clean” technology—innovations aimed at sanitizing household living spaces—seem likely to become commonplace in the coming years. Along with many other accommodations spawned by the coronavirus pandemic, Annapolis homeowners have grown much more conscious of the presence of germs of all kinds on household surfaces. That’s sent many on a mission to eradicate them as much as practical—a frustrating campaign, since the targets are, for all practical purposes, invisible. Last week, CNBC reported on a number of technological developments that innovative-minded Annapolis contractors and Annapolis do-it-yourselfers can already find on the market. Some of the examples profiled:

  • Antimicrobial door handles. Some of these are advertised as “keeping your door 99.9% cleaner” than unprotected surfaces, they feature special coatings that stop bacterial growth (viruses are not affected).
  • Touchless faucets. Widely available, like those now found in public restrooms, these solve the “shared surface” problem via motion sensors. Not only are they convenient—they’re smart, techy, and, as one manufacturer points out, “they’re cool!”
  • LED lighting-air circulators. These ceiling-mounted fixtures employ antimicrobial lights to scrub air as it’s circulated in high-humidity environments, like bathrooms.
  • Scientists have developed virus-killing sprays for frequently touched surfaces. One (“MAP-1”) can be sprayed on elevator buttons and handrails to provide 90 days of “significant” protection against bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. For the moment, none is yet available in Annapolis.

One of the few positive developments to come from the pandemic is a wider appreciation of everyday hygienic practices—now starting to find more and more residential applications. Keeping tabs on the constantly changing landscape affecting Annapolis real estate matters is part of my job. On all your questions and concerns, I’m happy to serve as your local expert— call anytime!

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