21st Century Mobility Can Complicate Annapolis Area Relocations


Modern life is said to have gotten immeasurably richer as labor-saving devices have empowered households and workplaces from one end of Annapolis area to the other.

Richer, yes; simpler, surely not!

Today’s Annapolis area householder’s typical day likely involves juggling multiple destinations: shop for dinner, get kids to lessons or practices, drop off packages and pick up dry cleaning—or several hundred other possibilities that modern mobile Americans integrate into their daily lives. We don’t give it a thought.

Not to mention what happens when your profession isn’t tied to one location.

When it comes to buying and selling Annapolis area homes, the freedom brought by 21st century mobility makes selective house hunting much more efficient. But all the accompanying lifestyle changes have introduced complications, too.

Because of the increased mobility of the American workforce, dealing with complex relocation logistics has become a much more common factor when Annapolis area residents change households. Where it once would be expected that a ‘relocation’ would involve nothing more challenging than timing two sales so that the move across town would go smoothly, today it’s much more likely to need to plan for factors that go with a wider move from one or both of the principals.

Successfully handling the “relocation factor” takes experience and know-how—and awareness of the host of issues that need to be anticipated and coordinated. Whether it’s school and workplace scheduling requirements, destination transaction details, moving and storage issues, or the notification and scheduling for electric, water, alarm, trash, telephone, cable, or internet providers, the day before moving day is definitely not the best time to start thinking about scheduling.

Today’s “freedoms” may have enriched our lives in many ways, but I’m afraid simplification isn’t one of them. As a teammate in your Annapolis area real estate dealings, I bring the experience that allows me to help you anticipate the issues that go with both the transactions and the moves that follow.

Solving problems before they become problems is part of my service—and another good reason to give me a call!

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